SGI(Soka Gakkai Internati) EMF Crime damage record

I am a crime victim of the above-mentioned organization, and the damage record


Feelings operation

I want to put even this topic before the story of the magnetic substance this time.

About the magnetic substance, when the content is Chemtrails, it very has the similarity, and I want to present the entry including that story.

It explains the feelings operation that cult Soka Gakkai executes by the electromagnetic radiation today.
It is done to victim and victim's family and animals, etc.
People and a lot of animals left in victim's environment get irritated not significant, it gets excited, and the disruptive behavior is taken.
It explains the technique in this entry.

Please look at the record video further.

A female parakeet is giving the attack to a male parakeet with her nib.
This two is usually birds of the pair with a very good relations.
This surrounds the surrounding and the Soka Gakkai believer and man/woman of the rights aim happen because he keeps shooting the electromagnetic radiation into these birds.
A female bird enters the state of hysteria, and is taking the attack action.
I had thought whether this operated hen's feelings before.
However, it was actually different.

First of all, there was a fact that had fallen into the situation in which this attacked male parakeet always weakened easily.
And, when the rooster from which I was attacked several times was taken, the electromagnetic radiation of strength had been transmitted from this rooster's nib, leg, and feather to my finger.

When various situations were observed, and analyzed besides this, it became the following conclusions.Criminals of Soka Gakkai use two or more electromagnetic radiations properly.
Especially, to animals influenced easily by the electromagnetic radiation.

As a result, it seems to make the substitution of the terrorism that the effect of damage and the Soka Gakkai believer do for the victim who is the owner executed.
The crow appears frequently around the victim of the electromagnetic radiation crime that
becomes a center Soka Gakkai and is done, and it barks.

This victim seems to think that Soka Gakkai has the technology that manipulates the animal by seeing it. However, Soka Gakkai doesn't manipulate this.
The electromagnetic radiation that the animal is influenced easily is only shot.

The researcher who knows the kind of various electromagnetic radiations is taking part in this crime.
As for electrical engineering and physics, if Soka Gakkai received the technology and the dissemination from the organization that researches and the researcher with the arms purpose, thinking might be regularities.

It is because Soka Gakkai promises financial support and the authority of the researcher who offers it of course.
Soka Gakkai begins the cooperator and to become dominant, political pressure is begun domestically.

Because my birds are birds, it is not possible to escape from the ecology condition of receiving the influence easily.
If whether the Soka Gakkai believer manipulates this animal is very said, it is easy.

The electromagnetic radiation that the hen dislikes is irradiated to the rooster that aimed, and electrification is made in the rooster's body.
And, the electromagnetic radiation is irradiated to the body so that the hen may also feel it easily as a condition reflection, and the pain is given this time.
The hen also receives the pain by the electromagnetic radiation also by her body every time the electromagnetic radiation that Soka Gakkai shoots is generated in rooster's body, and is driven in to the mistake situation attacked from the other party in the presence.
The hen comes to attack the rooster because it is liberated from the pain and the unpleasantness.

This is a strategy of effect of the magnetic substance.
Otherwise, it is impossible to keep making specific magnetism maintained in
bird's body during the fixed time.

And, human can also apply this technique.
Please apply the victim himself to this rooster's standpoint.
Please apply the family and the acquaintance that there is a victim
in hen's standpoint near by him/herself.

It applies to the family and the acquaintance, the existence that fits in receives various irradiations to the head and the body for a long term, and the condition of the magnetized human body is necessary.
And, he works enough the influence power of the electromagnetic radiation if he has the feature that she/becomes emotional easily from the origin.

If these are executed, it is possible to carry to the same pattern with birds of the record.

It is a phenomenon that happens when it begins to encounter the damage of the electromagnetic radiation crime of Soka Gakkai.
And, when an emotional trouble of the home discord and the friend occurs easily easily, the victim.
It might be correct that the above-mentioned technique is used in victim's environment.
When this situation is cruel, Soka Gakkai is sure to be making up any condition settings and the harm actions of the back relation additionally.

It looks for to present material and the reference sentence pattern by unifying it to this matter in the future.


By when does the obstruction electromagnetic radiation of Soka Gakkai continue?

"It failed in the preservation of data. There is a possibility of not operating normally when the operation is continued as it is. Please confirm the capacity of the disk or the authority, etc. , read the backup file, and restore data. "

In the image above, such a message is displayed.

Connected obstruction of Soka Gakkai to the IT equipment has happened

A portable equipment is an article that I own, and doesn't have the problem.
I want you to see the following images when adhering to the capacity of HDD.

195 Gbyte capacity still remains in this HDD.
There is the video and image data's only about 30MB being sure not to become a problem.

It is done by the following techniques.
Terrorists of Soka Gakkai shoot the obstruction electromagnetic radiation into the IT equipment at which my home aimed.
A digital signal of the IT equipment is rearranged to the erroneous data by this shot electromagnetic radiation.
And, the error like the above-mentioned image is caused.

I who of the believer of Soka Gakkai in the surrounding has gone when this error
happens, and am doing the investigation measurement.
As a result of the investigation, the reaction of the electromagnetic radiation is
obtained from most houses of Soka Gakkai believers recorded in following URL.

All these information is being written in Japanese.
It is scheduled to translate it into English in the future.
Their purposes are things that I am not allowed to up-load the video and the image that becomes the exhibit and the material of the terrorist offense.
Former data that takes a picture of my video and image is in a portable equipment.

Last time, Soka Gakkai believers in the circumference went out to the means not to allow U SB to be connected by the obstruction electromagnetic radiation.
I reported to the Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications as an illegal electric wave, and questioned how it was necessary to deal with the error on it.

Then, Soka Gakkai believers stopped the error in USB connection being caused.
To shoot the obstruction electromagnetic radiation into almost PC portable data aiming at the moving timing in a concentrated manner, and to cause the error like the above-mentioned image, they changed.

It is an act to conceal the terrorism and the abuse to the civilian that Soka Gakkai did.
These actions are malignant and mean.

Moreover, there is a site where Soka Gakkai believers do not allow me to log it in by all means.
Of course, the technique of the obstruction has been generated an error because it shoots the obstruction electromagnetic radiation into my PC, too.

It is shown in the following videos.

I am a reason to "Federation Against Mind Control Europe" that cannot be logged in.


The cruelty that the Soka Gakkai believer does is presented.

I made it to the thing on which it reported first.
It is a content that easily explained the current damage experience.

The cruelty irradiation with murderous intent was shot last night and tonight.
It is an abuse done to my pet bird by the believer of cult Soka Gakkai that surrounds the surrounding.
Besides this, a lot of birds whom I love have received the cruelty.
By the behavior of terrorists of cult Soka Gakkai.

Internal organs is aimed at from me now.
It chiefly aims at the liver and pancreas with terrorists' masers.
Terrorists of Soka Gakkai aim at any important internal organs of him.
Soka Gakkai believer's old woman went in last night's abuse.
It is the first following URL it recorded.
The electromagnetic radiation has been shot from 2F of home.

The cruelty was irradiated tonight.
From the house recorded in the first following URL it.

Birds into whom electromagnetic radiation of cruelty was shot.
The mark where confusion and fear were experienced can be confirmed.

And, the video of the cruelty another experience is opened to the public.
The electromagnetic radiation keeps continuously being shot into this bird by the Soka Gakkai terrorist.
As a result, it keeps moving as having gone mad.

Next time, the entry that adheres to "Magnetic substance" used for this electrom
agnetic radiation crime is improved.


Irradiation patterns to eyes to victim due to electromagnetic radiation crime of cult Soka Gakkai.

This time, it explains one of the techniques of the electromagnetic radiation crime
that cult Soka Gakkai does with the illustration.

First of all, please look at the illustration below.

Eyes are places frequently irradiated when terrorists of this cult aim at the victim.

It was irradiated to victim's eyes by terrorists of this cult, and a lot of victims indicted the pain in Japan last winter.
Because the same place is aimed from victims who live in a different district by these
terrorists, the doubt is called.
Isn't it a human experimentation?
To tell the truth, a certain scientist is reporting on the result of the experiment about the
damage of the magnetic substance that is my experience in Japan.
The scientist who promotes the terrorism action by using the cult religion upper decides humanity and is not the one to be permitted.
I will announce to blog if this scientist's research is observed, and a definite matter is discovered in the future.

The topic is returned to the electromagnetic radiation technique of cult.

How by the Soka Gakkai believer to aim at victim's eyes has some patterns.

The material that radiates the electromagnetic radiation is made to be installed in Soka Gakkai believer's body. This Soka Gakkai believer repeats the movement the vicinity of the victim whom the electromagnetic radiation influences easily and.
Other Soka Gakkai believers are repeating a weak electromagnetic radiation irradiation from the outside beforehand.

To the part at which the victim is aiming.
This is an action to make a big influence easy to receive more the body part of the victim who applied the aim.
The believer of Soka Gakkai surrounds the victim, and this is attacked in the group.
And, the victim gets the same place attacked from the believer who exists in a building
here and there.

The victim is shot the maser by the car under the movement, and receives the attack. The attack is surely received if it is a parked car, and there is a believer internally.
The remote operation attack is received from the car that gets on no one while stopping.
Installation features of the maser of the body are the light parts in ahead and the back.

Moreover, when the victim goes to shop, Soka Gakkai constructs subversive activities to the
lighting of the inside of a store.
It tries to strengthen the electromagnetic radiation in the inside of a store strongly, and
to damage victim's eyes.
Naturally, the shop is a cooperator related to the Soka Gakkai believer or rights.

In addition, Soka Gakkai always makes believer's child execute the crime.
In this electromagnetic radiation crime, Soka Gakkai is making the little child participate.
Soka Gakkai believer's child shoots the electromagnetic radiation into the victim.
They are the play senses.
Soka Gakkai believer's parents have this crime take the lead and executed.
Therefore, Soka Gakkai believer's child doesn't have ethics.

Thus, group that makes up criminal who was mind control of young people.
It is cult that is called it Soka Gakkai.

Portable bad connection. It is a shock wave in the skin that causes itching.

There are two this topics.

One is a problem of happening when it tried to connect carrying with PC, and to move data.
After all, the electromagnetic radiation crime made trouble.
I am taking a picture chiefly with a portable camera.Thus, video and the image of damage due to the electromagnetic radiation crime are taken of a picture.
Recently, carrying was connected by using USB for PC.
Video and the image of which it took a picture were moved by the above-mentioned method.
The image below is an application used when data is moved.

The display of the USB error is seen in a center part of this image.
In this error, a usual error is quite different.
Because peripheral Soka Gakkai believers shoot the electromagnetic radiation into this portable main body, and abnormality has been caused in the voltage and the electric field in the airframe.
Therefore, USB cannot recognize a portable equipment usually.
This is a thing that turns out measuring the electromagnetic radiation irradiated to carrying.
Terrorists of Soka Gakkai try to conceal his criminality.
It is thought that the movement of the data of animation and the image that takes a picture of the crime site is obstructed, and it will execute further criminality.

It is a very mean way.
The same technique as the above-mentioned is used, and the thing that other
electrical appliances also cause the mis-operation is possible.
Such a display appears on the next cleaned day though the animation that is below is an air conditioner of my home.
When the electromagnetic radiation is measured because it is a very strange phenomenon, interesting result.
The electromagnetic radiation was shot from the house of a peripheral Soka believer
into the power supply part of this air conditioner.

Electrical appliances mis-operate surely when the electromagnetic radiation is shot by the believer of Soka in the surrounding.
Please move from this link to YouTube when you cannot inspect the video.

Another topic is a topic of the shock wave that causes itching in the skin.
The electromagnetic radiation crime victim of this cult Soka Gakkai is attacked by often abnormal itchy.
I have been attacked by itchy of this since last year.
And, this knew that the electromagnetic radiation that the Soka Gakkai believer irradiated was a cause because of a simple measurement.
However, it was a mystery whether what wavelength attacked victim's body.
Following URL managers caught the shape of the electromagnetic radiation that was the
cause of itchy of that recently.
He is a victim of the electromagnetic radiation crime that cult Soka Gakkai does as well as me.
It is irrelevant man to Soka Gakkai as for him and me.
However, Soka Gakkai does criminality to an unrelated civilian.
When strange itchy of this happened to his body, he measured the true colors of itchy with the equipment that remodeled IC recorder.
It analyzed from the record, and the true colors of itchy turned out a shock wave shot at about 25ms intervals.
The crime victim of a lot of Soka Gakkai suffers from itchy of this.
And, it is not only human then that suffers.
The Soka Gakkai believer shoots the same shock wave into victim's pet.
The shock wave damage of typical itchy is shown.
It is a pet dog of my home.
Do the pick of this dog of the ear and the body always by itchy.
This dog took a picture in video below immediately after the body was washed.
The helminth and the skin disorder are healthy dogs that do not have it.

Skin that was scratched because of shock wave that causes itching and broken.


Cointelpro operation of cult Soka Gakkai that surrounds my home.

My home has been surrounded now.
To the Soka Gakkai believer and cooperators of the rights aim.
The current state is still being investigated now. where Soka Gakkai has polluted the region.
However, it turns out that the red house seen in the following distribution charts participates from damage and the investigation that is eyes that my home received in Cointelpro and the electromagnetic radiation crime of cult Soka Gakkai.

Chart of distribution of Cointelpro participation home of cult Soka Gakkai as of  July 23, 2008

The purpose to use the Cointelpro of Soka Gakkai is acquisition of a new believer who
can deprive of money and a lot of money.

My birds, grandmother, and a lot of lives were deprived by Soka Gakkai terrorists' electromagnetic radiation violence because of such a foolish trivial purpose.

It is heard that it was specified for "Dangerous group" in the House of Represen
tatives in the United States.
It is heard that "Cult" is recognized in a lot of countries of Europe.
The judgment of this country is correct, and people's discernment is healthy.
The electromagnetic radiation crime is committed for a general person who aimed,
the death is given to the disease and the close relative, and it solicits for fear.
Such a religion cannot be straight.

The believer of Soka Gakkai has a terrific elitism by himself/herself again.
When they may look down on the civilian, and perpetrate a crime from the consideration for others, they pass a selfish judgment to the Soka Gakkai believer.
I do not forget the thing that the people who love are deprived in the crime violence that comes from an arrogant conviction of Soka Gakkai through life.
And, I will clarify all of the discrimination ideologists of this cult crime to the world with all means.
This cult is my clan's enmity.

The school in Japan entered the long leave now.
Soka Gakkai that makes believers' child participate in the crime is making believer's child put the electromagnetic radiation crime to my home.
It is a house county that turns out peripheral Tac a yellow mark, and participation of the
child of a constant age in the crime.
These criminals of young people scramble for a report each other, and are acquainted.

Their characteristics are things that try to conceal the crime violence by the crime violence and to deceive.It is pointed out or it is criticized, and the thing to leave to passion
immediately and spirited of the electromagnetic radiation violence.

My birds were slaughtered by the young people believer of Soka Gakkai in the near future how many because of this feature last year.
I indict abnormality and the arrogance of the cult religion with this slaughter principle in all the people.
This cult Soka Gakkai sends current danger that is about to extend to the world, and and, it sends and I send warning to people in the world.

The secession believer is making remarks that Soka Gakkai does the terrorism that mixes, and puts the medicine on food in the market that the civilian uses.

It adheres to the terrorism technology that Soka Gakkai uses and the technique of the maser.

In this entry, it treats.
Technique of terrorism irradiation that Soka Gakkai uses.
Very it explains victim's body and Soka Gakkai explains whether to aim with the maser in the illustration.

Technique for aiming at back of the head and cervical vertebra.

Muscular part of back of the head that has been aimed since the day before yesterday.

The electromagnetic radiation victim of Soka Gakkai vesicular portion aimed  more frequently than the assailant.

The electromagnetic radiation victim of Soka Gakkai vesicular portion aimed more frequently than the assailant.

In addition, it continues.