I am a crime victim of the above-mentioned organization, and the damage record


Crime record in Japan by SGI-Soka Gakkai International-

My HN is setagaya.
I am a crime victim by SGI(Soka Gakkai International).
Life was destroyed by their Gang stalking acts, and the important one was lost.
The pet bird that I had importantly raised from the baby was killed in 6 and the presence.
SGI repeats the assassination act with the companion of a leftist leftist in Japan.
They use the electromagnetic radiation as the crime means.

It is a thing to use the previous life fee model and the maser of the laser, and the thing shot into the object aimed at becomes possible.

Hereafter, the realities and the criminality of the organization named this SGI are opened to the public to this blog as my real experience.

It's one of parakeets being maltreated by peripheral SGI member.

It only is for my Japanese and a recorded damage blog.