I am a crime victim of the above-mentioned organization, and the damage record


Cruelty and slaughter act by SGI(Soka Gakkai International) and leftist leftist

In this entry, it introduces birds who were maltreated by a believer of SGI and a leftist leftist who is their cooperator in 2007, and killed.
The entry of Japanese is converted into English, and the part of dissatisfaction is added.


A pet bird was killed by SGI.
To murder it, SGI shot the electromagnetic radiation. Toward this small bird.
This sapphire and I lived together for eight years.The sapphire was a relation to me that brought up love together.

It was exactly a hell. For several days when this bird is killed.
SGI appeared cruelly.
Medicine mixing with food that bird eats.
The believer and cooperators of SGI(Soka Gakkai International) have entered various industries.When the delivery person of luggage is a companion of SGI, the paved food of each box has been polluted by the medicine.

I was a place killed in Tokyo.
The danger was got over, and I returned home to Tokushima in the birthplace.
However, the birthplace was not a place where one can live in peace for the pet and me.
At this point, three birds have already been killed by SGI. At this point,encounters the trespass of SGI in my house.The medicine is being indoors scattered by intruders at the each trespass.
The material causes the allergy(Chemical Sensitivity) for man's body.If it makes a set, the material causes electrical sensitivity with the electromagnetic radiation.

Such a crime environment was indoors made.
It is impossible to endure the life of a small bird in such an environment.
And, shock died in this small bird by a strong electromagnetic radiation irradiation of SGI.

To give the emotional shock to me, the cruelty to the pet was begun.
It was done in front of me.
Because the abuse and the electromagnetic radiation to small birds by SGI were poured, it kept afflicting it. And, it was done many times.

My elder brother is joining the slaughter act of SGI.
He is lifting up family's life and property for SGI. It is man who completely betrayed the family.
It is the realities of man whom this adored to the cult religion.
I got done by his act of betrayal always dangerously. Birds are also the same as it.
The crime violence to us becomes the cruellest on holiday.

Holiday of work and the school is given as the reason.
In the social furlough of the direct perpetrator, it joins a new crime.As for a small life, guying was killed by criminals who had been increased.
It became the one that was the worst and not forgotten for me in the summer of 2007.It was immediately before the child's finishing summer vacation at the people that this bird was killed.

Sapphire killed by maltreating SGI.

It is related video opened to the public in front of people abounding immediately after the affair.
The newspaper was not able to be used for small bird's gauge because of the medicine pollution.

Besides, I decided to use the tissue paper for birds' huts under the situation without choices.

Please move from this link to YouTube when you cannot inspect the video.

However, SGI targeted in the medicine pollution, and put the medicine even on the tissue paper.
The medicine pollution adheres from the tissue paper to birds' bodies, and it has extended.
Birds got the body magnetic from the irradiation for a long term of the medicine and the electromagnetic radiation.
The life was easily aimed at from SGI for this magnetization, and the bird that died appeared one after another. It is a tragedy that occurs because it overlooked a dangerous trap of SGI.
Birds' having been easily killed by SGI.

SGI starts manipulating the instinct of animals by pouring the wavelength of the electromagnetic radiation.
As for the sapphire, the appetite was operated for these reasons. She was made to do work to pack the body food even in case of being in the situation not eaten so much.
She tasted the pain and suffering where electricity by the irradiation of the electromagnetic radiation flowed to the body.
I tried to save her from the suffering by all the methods. However, it ended in the vain effort.
It makes eating food by force when her body weakens by attacking a strong elec tromagnetic radiation. Such a cruel act was done to her.
There is no reason why her body can be endured.
When her body weakened to the limit, SGI strengthened the attack of the electrom agnetic radiation to its maximum.

SGI and a leftist leftist executed such a slaughter act in my presence. The slaughter act was executed the last one week of August, 2007.

She was not able to move by the pain.
I embraced her. However, the means was only in suffering together from the pain in the electromagnetic radiation that flowed from her.
Spectacle of hell exactly.

Thus, she was slaughtered by SGI and a leftist leftist.
SGI and a leftist leftist poured several hour electromagnetic radiation even on her carcass.

This is the realities of SGI.