I am a crime victim of the above-mentioned organization, and the damage record


By when does the obstruction electromagnetic radiation of Soka Gakkai continue?

"It failed in the preservation of data. There is a possibility of not operating normally when the operation is continued as it is. Please confirm the capacity of the disk or the authority, etc. , read the backup file, and restore data. "

In the image above, such a message is displayed.

Connected obstruction of Soka Gakkai to the IT equipment has happened

A portable equipment is an article that I own, and doesn't have the problem.
I want you to see the following images when adhering to the capacity of HDD.

195 Gbyte capacity still remains in this HDD.
There is the video and image data's only about 30MB being sure not to become a problem.

It is done by the following techniques.
Terrorists of Soka Gakkai shoot the obstruction electromagnetic radiation into the IT equipment at which my home aimed.
A digital signal of the IT equipment is rearranged to the erroneous data by this shot electromagnetic radiation.
And, the error like the above-mentioned image is caused.

I who of the believer of Soka Gakkai in the surrounding has gone when this error
happens, and am doing the investigation measurement.
As a result of the investigation, the reaction of the electromagnetic radiation is
obtained from most houses of Soka Gakkai believers recorded in following URL.

All these information is being written in Japanese.
It is scheduled to translate it into English in the future.
Their purposes are things that I am not allowed to up-load the video and the image that becomes the exhibit and the material of the terrorist offense.
Former data that takes a picture of my video and image is in a portable equipment.

Last time, Soka Gakkai believers in the circumference went out to the means not to allow U SB to be connected by the obstruction electromagnetic radiation.
I reported to the Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications as an illegal electric wave, and questioned how it was necessary to deal with the error on it.

Then, Soka Gakkai believers stopped the error in USB connection being caused.
To shoot the obstruction electromagnetic radiation into almost PC portable data aiming at the moving timing in a concentrated manner, and to cause the error like the above-mentioned image, they changed.

It is an act to conceal the terrorism and the abuse to the civilian that Soka Gakkai did.
These actions are malignant and mean.

Moreover, there is a site where Soka Gakkai believers do not allow me to log it in by all means.
Of course, the technique of the obstruction has been generated an error because it shoots the obstruction electromagnetic radiation into my PC, too.

It is shown in the following videos.

I am a reason to "Federation Against Mind Control Europe" that cannot be logged in.