I am a crime victim of the above-mentioned organization, and the damage record


Feelings operation

I want to put even this topic before the story of the magnetic substance this time.

About the magnetic substance, when the content is Chemtrails, it very has the similarity, and I want to present the entry including that story.

It explains the feelings operation that cult Soka Gakkai executes by the electromagnetic radiation today.
It is done to victim and victim's family and animals, etc.
People and a lot of animals left in victim's environment get irritated not significant, it gets excited, and the disruptive behavior is taken.
It explains the technique in this entry.

Please look at the record video further.

A female parakeet is giving the attack to a male parakeet with her nib.
This two is usually birds of the pair with a very good relations.
This surrounds the surrounding and the Soka Gakkai believer and man/woman of the rights aim happen because he keeps shooting the electromagnetic radiation into these birds.
A female bird enters the state of hysteria, and is taking the attack action.
I had thought whether this operated hen's feelings before.
However, it was actually different.

First of all, there was a fact that had fallen into the situation in which this attacked male parakeet always weakened easily.
And, when the rooster from which I was attacked several times was taken, the electromagnetic radiation of strength had been transmitted from this rooster's nib, leg, and feather to my finger.

When various situations were observed, and analyzed besides this, it became the following conclusions.Criminals of Soka Gakkai use two or more electromagnetic radiations properly.
Especially, to animals influenced easily by the electromagnetic radiation.

As a result, it seems to make the substitution of the terrorism that the effect of damage and the Soka Gakkai believer do for the victim who is the owner executed.
The crow appears frequently around the victim of the electromagnetic radiation crime that
becomes a center Soka Gakkai and is done, and it barks.

This victim seems to think that Soka Gakkai has the technology that manipulates the animal by seeing it. However, Soka Gakkai doesn't manipulate this.
The electromagnetic radiation that the animal is influenced easily is only shot.

The researcher who knows the kind of various electromagnetic radiations is taking part in this crime.
As for electrical engineering and physics, if Soka Gakkai received the technology and the dissemination from the organization that researches and the researcher with the arms purpose, thinking might be regularities.

It is because Soka Gakkai promises financial support and the authority of the researcher who offers it of course.
Soka Gakkai begins the cooperator and to become dominant, political pressure is begun domestically.

Because my birds are birds, it is not possible to escape from the ecology condition of receiving the influence easily.
If whether the Soka Gakkai believer manipulates this animal is very said, it is easy.

The electromagnetic radiation that the hen dislikes is irradiated to the rooster that aimed, and electrification is made in the rooster's body.
And, the electromagnetic radiation is irradiated to the body so that the hen may also feel it easily as a condition reflection, and the pain is given this time.
The hen also receives the pain by the electromagnetic radiation also by her body every time the electromagnetic radiation that Soka Gakkai shoots is generated in rooster's body, and is driven in to the mistake situation attacked from the other party in the presence.
The hen comes to attack the rooster because it is liberated from the pain and the unpleasantness.

This is a strategy of effect of the magnetic substance.
Otherwise, it is impossible to keep making specific magnetism maintained in
bird's body during the fixed time.

And, human can also apply this technique.
Please apply the victim himself to this rooster's standpoint.
Please apply the family and the acquaintance that there is a victim
in hen's standpoint near by him/herself.

It applies to the family and the acquaintance, the existence that fits in receives various irradiations to the head and the body for a long term, and the condition of the magnetized human body is necessary.
And, he works enough the influence power of the electromagnetic radiation if he has the feature that she/becomes emotional easily from the origin.

If these are executed, it is possible to carry to the same pattern with birds of the record.

It is a phenomenon that happens when it begins to encounter the damage of the electromagnetic radiation crime of Soka Gakkai.
And, when an emotional trouble of the home discord and the friend occurs easily easily, the victim.
It might be correct that the above-mentioned technique is used in victim's environment.
When this situation is cruel, Soka Gakkai is sure to be making up any condition settings and the harm actions of the back relation additionally.

It looks for to present material and the reference sentence pattern by unifying it to this matter in the future.