I am a crime victim of the above-mentioned organization, and the damage record


The cruelty that the Soka Gakkai believer does is presented.

I made it to the thing on which it reported first.
It is a content that easily explained the current damage experience.

The cruelty irradiation with murderous intent was shot last night and tonight.
It is an abuse done to my pet bird by the believer of cult Soka Gakkai that surrounds the surrounding.
Besides this, a lot of birds whom I love have received the cruelty.
By the behavior of terrorists of cult Soka Gakkai.

Internal organs is aimed at from me now.
It chiefly aims at the liver and pancreas with terrorists' masers.
Terrorists of Soka Gakkai aim at any important internal organs of him.
Soka Gakkai believer's old woman went in last night's abuse.
It is the first following URL it recorded.
The electromagnetic radiation has been shot from 2F of home.

The cruelty was irradiated tonight.
From the house recorded in the first following URL it.

Birds into whom electromagnetic radiation of cruelty was shot.
The mark where confusion and fear were experienced can be confirmed.

And, the video of the cruelty another experience is opened to the public.
The electromagnetic radiation keeps continuously being shot into this bird by the Soka Gakkai terrorist.
As a result, it keeps moving as having gone mad.

Next time, the entry that adheres to "Magnetic substance" used for this electrom
agnetic radiation crime is improved.