I am a crime victim of the above-mentioned organization, and the damage record


How by SGI(Soka Gakkai International) to aim at human body

Victim's body is aimed, and, thus.
Due to terrorist activity and the electromagnetic radiation crime by SGI.
It aims at SGI. All important parts of the body.
The crime is done by using the maser.
The cathode-ray tube etc. of old model TV can be used for the launching entrance of the maser.

It is presumed from the wound that the victim in Japan received. Was the laser for the medical treatment remodeled?Additionally, the use of Electron-gun and e-gun is guessed.

Electron-gun and e-gun


They aim. The health of all victim's important internal organs.
It gets heavy sick, and it is killed in Japan.
A lot of victims do not understand that it is a cause due to the electromagnetic radiation crime.
If it is a heart, a kidney, a liver, pancreas, a gallbladder, and it is a woman, the electromagnetic radiation is irradiated aiming at a womb, a brain, and all important internal organs.
It aims at the part of the brain accurately. What action you bring is calculated. For instance, I have received the irradiation as an obstruction act to it though I am doing
work to write this article now.
Strongly internal organs is accompanied and .... pain is accompanied the frontal lobe and
the back of the temporal lobe of the womb, the kidney, the bladder, and the brain.
It is suffered as the pain, and does the reflection and protection with rubber and the mirror as those defense method.

Then, terrorists who it is SGI believer and are the cooperators take the following action. The electromagnetic radiation is irradiated by using the magnetic substance of the contaminant put on the defense goods that the victim uses toward the medicine.

The victim will struggle as the irradiation. Equal pain and damage to the direct irradiation will be received. In the thing that the included magnetic substance gives birth to the effect of electrification for a long time.The victim is done, and falls into the situation that cannot be done even the avoided thing dangerously of the life and the healthy maximum.

The electromagnetic radiation is shot into the victim at any time every day.
Therefore, the victim is impaired. The body gradually in the electromagnetic radiation even if the output of the maser is weak.
It is equal also to the following acts. Do not let the poison be drunk a small amount of every day.
The doubt is thick in Japan. Shooting the electromagnetic radiation is used by a political assassination action.
It is used for such a politician. Existence judged by Korean peninsula and Chinese Communist Party that it is disadvantage.And, it is used also by their family.

The way of the electromagnetic radiation crime of SGI is done at a dash. After making up various works to victim's environment.
It is the following matters.
It is an internal of victim house of the chemical of the magnetic substance content scatter, and it passes an electric current domestically with the work of the electric wiring and the voltage raised.
And, the electromagnetic radiation is irradiated to the place where the environment is in order. SGI and assailants are making no radiation exposure as much as possible. The electromagnetic radiation that they use is changed to a little output setting.

I have received the attack now. By the SGI believer. It will take time. Until everything finishes being written