I am a crime victim of the above-mentioned organization, and the damage record


It is done by Soka Gakkai that adheres to the sexual abuse and is recorded.

It adheres to the cruelty of Soka Gakkai and it records today. Sexual cruelty to other party at whom they aim.

Soka Gakkai shoots the electromagnetic radiation. It is done to woman's victim's female sexual genital.
When direct is not irradiated to sexual genital, the following actions are taken.
It wants to do to the state that it is made for victim's undergarment to contain to continue the irradiation to the magnetic substance, and to electrify the electromagnetic radiation and the cruelty is added.

It irradiates victim's sexual genital and around, and it electrifies it, and it afflicts, and the unpleasantness of strength is given by the vibration wave.
The irradiation to which whether it aims even at the inflammation to internal organs is expected is repeated.

And, it adds in addition.
The electromagnetic radiation is shot into victim's anal region with the rectum, and a thorough abuse is repeated.

The electromagnetic radiation is measured from the undergarment.

It irradiates it from the rectum to the anus part of shooting by SGI.

It was in such damage last night.
I was made to sleep,by the low frequency.
(It introduces this crime technique said that it will make the person sleep compulsorily later. )
The same part as the image that existed in the second piece had been irradiated for several hours. (Awoke in pain on the way. )
The trend of the age that wakes up the discrimination against women ideologist with the sex crime spreads to the believer of Soka Gakkai. The Soka Gakkai believer started some trouble the other day. The woman was abducting confined, and it was raped as the burglar.

The chairman and the Ikeda Daisaku of this cult group have the past. He raped the female believer. (He lost a suit by trying this event. )
Frenzied consideration exists in the idea of this cult group. Disregard and predominance of man over woman to woman.
And, Soka Gakkai basically has such an idea. They, believers', value is overvalued, and a general person irrelevant to the religion is looked down on.
Their class consciousness permits all the crimes by the believer. The victim of the gang-stalking encounters the damage of cruel violence. They are misunderstanding it from this meaningless class consciousness. The violence called an electromagnetic radiation crime is affirmed like the right permitted by them.
I also have received the sexual abuse by the electromagnetic radiation while writing this article now. From the direction of the house of the following photograph.

Houses direction and there of my confirmation by measurement.

Houses direction and there of my confirmation by measurement.
It shoots the electromagnetic radiation into the cunt and is a direction.

And, my thorough irradiation to the anus part is confirmed from the house that exists in the photograph presented below.
my thorough irradiation to the anus part is confirmed from the house

They change the irradiation origin. When our crime behavior is known to me.
I experienced the pain of excruciating. From such a human-right violation act by the Soka Gakkai believer.

It is likely to be aimed at you as follows.
When Soka Gakkai appears in your country.
And, when it appears in front of you. The Soka Gakkai believer even by oneself.