I am a crime victim of the above-mentioned organization, and the damage record


Warning that adheres to danger of SGI(Soka Gakkai International)

This item is described today.Is you done when living near the SGI believer of you and is done variously and angerously?This is a matter talked about from we victims’ experiences in Japan.
First of all, there is a thing that it wants you to learn first. Fact that SGI is not only religious organization but also leftist organization.They are making up the network to the entire left.And, SGI raises the number of men of the gang-stalking from all related groups by using a leftist network.The participation of North Korea and Chinese Communist Party is rumored by the background of SGI and this gang- stalking.
Especially, it is being guessed by a lot of people in the electromagnetic radiation crime.Doubt called it human experimentation that handles Japanese.And, it is guessed from a lot of fact experiences.In the electromagnetic radiation crime, victims have a common matter.It is aimed at from maternal lineage.It has a regular law. When victims receive damage by the electromagnetic radiation.The victim is aimed at during the second generation by the gang-stalking. The mother and child lineage row maintains the dominant inheritance.
A lot of victims’ life is miserable including me.It keeps receiving torture to which the electromagnetic radiation is thrown into the body for 24 hours, and it is necessary to suffer.The victim is driven in from suffering, and to the selection that pulls the pin.Even if the victim goes out, the electromagnetic radiation is shot into the body by the maser with the believer of SGI by the assailant’s construction with the leftist network.
These crimes are said beginning after the political wing (New Komeito) that Soka Gakkai made up appears.This New Komeito has expanded a political activity from the 1990’s at a dash. It linked with this, and criminality by Soka Gakkai accelerated, too.Of course, the gang stalking that centered on Soka Gakkai was activated.
This religious body loves authoritarianism, discrimination principle, and persecution.And, they think the nation is finally taken over by themselves.It schemes even if a political political party is established though they are the religious bodies, and it joins the political power absolutely. It does for a national occupation by our groups.
Japan is serious because New Komeito participates in politics as the government party now.The treason principle is being done by the politician of the government party like seem being natural in Japan today.The number of victims of the electromagnetic radiation crime performed by Soka Gakkai and cooperator’s hands in such a political dispensation has increased.As for Soka Gakkai, I want you for a lot of people not to forget the thing that is the cult religion that does the terrorism.You might be aimed at this time by SGI believers by the target of electromagnetic radiation crime.