I am a crime victim of the above-mentioned organization, and the damage record


The possibility that all the loved existence is destroyed from SGI(Soka Gakkai International) is suggested.

The victim is spending every day like the hell.
It has been brought due to the electromagnetic radiation crime.
I was destroyed by the electromagnetic radiation. Work and six keeping birds and a political activity, the hobby, and dangerous even health.

The act only of seeing private video in the Internet shoots the electromagnetic radiation. It is criminality that SGI does.
And, a leftist leftist is making up the system of a strong backup to the criminality.

The surrounding is occupied with victim's home, with the SGI believer by the network of the cooperation left leftist.
It is an appearance of the reality that it introduced by "SGI(Soka Gakkai International) criminal distribution chart". The victim encounters.
The victim is run after,of irradiation of electromagnetic radiation.
Even in case of being in which room of home.

Thus, frightening terrorism behavior of SGI and the cooperator starts. From work to magnetize human.
In the damage that I received, they have polluted the clan.With the medicine that contains the magnetic substance.
Their companion has entered it. Japan to the office of all genres.It acquires a lot of construction number of men by using the group and the labor union etc. of the leftist.The SGI believer does,of the trespass. It is famous among victims in Japan.The SGI believer and the companion scatter the contaminant. It is expanded by victim's clan.

For instance, I want you to see this.

A very mysterious state is included in the phenomenon that is reflected in this video.
The electromagnetic radiation radiated from the fluorescent lamp that reflects here is not radiated from the whole, and : only by a specific part.
Moreover, the part where this specific electromagnetic radiation is radiated moves.
Toward the place where the bird and we are.

This phenomenon continues still, and the bird and we are spending every day in the room with little light, too.
It is miserable every day of us.
Daily life that I send has the possibility of changing places. To daily life that you send.
It has the sufficient possibility when the believer of SGI is beside
of you.
It to the relative, and to neighbors and to the office..

It explains this item as follows. How do the SGI believer and the cooperator aim
at its body?
It is to be near SGI.
General man is threatened, and : by the life and the property.

It is not only one person that SGI aims. It aims as follows if the victim doesn't become it is wanting SGI. Victim's family.
You show and are put up. Your family is shot by the maser that SGI shoots in front of you, and the appearance to suffer..
SGI is similar existence to Nazis.
We victims are Japan of the experience like the Jew persecuted to Nazis.

SGI chairman's Ikeda Disaku was pointed out by Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka in the past. When it is the same as Adolf Hitler.