I am a crime victim of the above-mentioned organization, and the damage record


Cointelpro operation of cult Soka Gakkai that surrounds my home.

My home has been surrounded now.
To the Soka Gakkai believer and cooperators of the rights aim.
The current state is still being investigated now. where Soka Gakkai has polluted the region.
However, it turns out that the red house seen in the following distribution charts participates from damage and the investigation that is eyes that my home received in Cointelpro and the electromagnetic radiation crime of cult Soka Gakkai.

Chart of distribution of Cointelpro participation home of cult Soka Gakkai as of  July 23, 2008

The purpose to use the Cointelpro of Soka Gakkai is acquisition of a new believer who
can deprive of money and a lot of money.

My birds, grandmother, and a lot of lives were deprived by Soka Gakkai terrorists' electromagnetic radiation violence because of such a foolish trivial purpose.

It is heard that it was specified for "Dangerous group" in the House of Represen
tatives in the United States.
It is heard that "Cult" is recognized in a lot of countries of Europe.
The judgment of this country is correct, and people's discernment is healthy.
The electromagnetic radiation crime is committed for a general person who aimed,
the death is given to the disease and the close relative, and it solicits for fear.
Such a religion cannot be straight.

The believer of Soka Gakkai has a terrific elitism by himself/herself again.
When they may look down on the civilian, and perpetrate a crime from the consideration for others, they pass a selfish judgment to the Soka Gakkai believer.
I do not forget the thing that the people who love are deprived in the crime violence that comes from an arrogant conviction of Soka Gakkai through life.
And, I will clarify all of the discrimination ideologists of this cult crime to the world with all means.
This cult is my clan's enmity.

The school in Japan entered the long leave now.
Soka Gakkai that makes believers' child participate in the crime is making believer's child put the electromagnetic radiation crime to my home.
It is a house county that turns out peripheral Tac a yellow mark, and participation of the
child of a constant age in the crime.
These criminals of young people scramble for a report each other, and are acquainted.

Their characteristics are things that try to conceal the crime violence by the crime violence and to deceive.It is pointed out or it is criticized, and the thing to leave to passion
immediately and spirited of the electromagnetic radiation violence.

My birds were slaughtered by the young people believer of Soka Gakkai in the near future how many because of this feature last year.
I indict abnormality and the arrogance of the cult religion with this slaughter principle in all the people.
This cult Soka Gakkai sends current danger that is about to extend to the world, and and, it sends and I send warning to people in the world.

The secession believer is making remarks that Soka Gakkai does the terrorism that mixes, and puts the medicine on food in the market that the civilian uses.