I am a crime victim of the above-mentioned organization, and the damage record


The enterprise that relates to Soka Gakkai promotes the terrorism.

My hair used a special rubber band that always settled the hair long.
However, this cult Soka Gakkai is a state in it before following me, and even it cannot be used now.
Because the Soka Gakkai believer has polluted all similar products sold to the general market with the magnetic substance.
How do it become it if this pollution product is worn to the body?
It raises the shock rate of the electromagnetic radiation from the worn body part, and raises the electrification rate.
The influence of the electromagnetic radiation is received easily, and it is not good at all for the body.
A lot of magnetic substances need not worry about the influence on the human body by the metal.
However, when the believer to whom Soka Gakkai goes mad is using cobalt etc. for instance, the destructive power to the human body might be inscrutable.
And, the chemical that plays the same role as the magnetic substance exists, too.

The Soka Gakkai believer pollutes all places by using such a magnetic substance medium.
The Soka Gakkai believer trespasses on home, and the Soka Gakkai believer pollutes all the life environments such as the seasoning, clothes, bedding, and tableware for me.
Victim's environment is made so that it to be easy influenced from the electromagnetic
radiation absolutely and changed after that manner.

The Soka Gakkai believer keeps living in in the victim next and vicinity, and shooting the electromagnetic radiation into the body site connected there with victim's life crisis.
Because the electromagnetic radiation is irradiated by a serious number of people, the destructive power is full for the victim.
The pollution of Soka Gakkai doesn't end only by it. The environment excluding victim's home pollutes it with the magnetic substance.

The commodity of victim's workplace environment and a peripheral shop pollutes with the magnetic substance, and the influence in the electromagnetic radiation is maximized.
In addition, the shop in the circumference etc. are made to arrange the Soka Gakkai believer or the cooperator, and a new commodity pollutes it.
This disposed Soka Gakkai believer or cooperator keeps aiming at the victim from close-in with the maser. Or, the Soka Gakkai believer and the cooperator keep taking off the passer-by, and aiming at the victim with the maser.
Aiming at the victim shoots the electromagnetic radiation from not only the passer-by but also the vehicle where it runs with the maser.

A dirty means of Soka Gakkai is not only that.
The psychology wishes to drop the magnetic substance that adheres to victim's clothes is used.
It mixes the magnetic substance with all the detergents. Clothes and the life environment have been polluted from my acquaintance. For her, Soka Gakkai is a general person not related.

In addition, the magnetic substance is mixed with the detergents in her office and home,
and her environment and her body have been polluted.

And, Soka Gakkai cooperators in the both next-doors used the maser after it entered the state that she was completely polluted, and it shot it into the body site in which it had aimed at the electromagnetic radiation.
She was put into the state that was angry to the gallbladder and had to be operated.
It is irrelevant woman to Soka Gakkai as for me.

The magnetic substance maximum for the human body and in question become
the following points.
The magnetic substance adheres and mixes with the product.
Even what kind of originally thing the material is, come to wear the electromagnetic radiation.
For instance, it is assumed that it is plastic that the magnetic substance was put.
If the electromagnetic radiation is shot into the plastics product then, plastic comes to discharge the electromagnetic radiation.
How about the influence on human who lives in that vicinity?
Of course, it is the worst.

Thus, Soka Gakkai does the terrorism to irrelevant human in the civilian.

If Soka Gakkai is advancing to your country, danger is the same as us.
The possibility that your country is involved in the terrorism by similar cult to us is this time large.

The topic is returned to rubber of the first hair.
I am in the environment that cannot easily use even hair rubber for the reasons like the above-mentioned.

I take, and the magnetic substance adheres to the rubber band used for free clerical work.

It is what a corporate store related to Soka Gakkai sold it.
Soka Gakkai promotes the terrorism also in the affiliates.

The electromagnetic radiation is confirmed from the food of the small bird
polluted with the magnetic substance.

The electromagnetic radiation is confirmed from the detergent (The magnetic
substance has polluted it) used.

Besides this, a lot of magnetic substances adhere, and video that confirms
the electromagnetic radiation from the commodity has been opened to the public.