I am a crime victim of the above-mentioned organization, and the damage record


It takes in me and is very dangerous at the dawn of this morning.

The surrounding of the cervical vertebra of back of the head had been aimed at from me
for about one hour by shooting a thorough electromagnetic radiation ago.

It is about AM 4:00 6:00 that it was the cruellest this morning.
Aimed back of the head muscular part

A part light blue in the illustration is a back of the head part of me aimed this time.
Moreover, it had entered the state of electrification for a long time by the magnetic substance put on my hair, and it seemed to have received torture.

The magnetic substance material that adheres to this hair is the one (the
scatter of Soka Gakkai in my home, and pollution), too.
Soka Gakkai mixed the magnetic substance even with the article sold by
It was sold, and it was correct and a terrorism in the civilian.

If I do not buy it, a selfish solution also leaves the commodity in Soka Gakkai as it is.

It is afflicted by the magnetic substance that increases the effect of electrification of the electromagnetic radiation at the family, now, and me.
Soka Gakkai assassinated people who did not have a lot of crimes by using such a
My important parakeet was destroyed the cranial nerve, and became the whole body paralyzed.

The believer from whom Soka Gakkai went mad to such a small bird shot the electromagnetic radiation of strength, and he died by the cardiac paralysis.

Please move from this link to YouTube when you cannot inspect the video.
Seeing as the above-mentioned video is a parakeet to which the cranial nerve was destroyed.

The brain thrombus was going to make me like him, and was going to develop or doesn't have the change about either in the murderous behavior either.
It is a Soka Gakkai believer recorded in following URL, and the cooperators that a small bird slaughtered in the murderous behavior and the past to me this.


Soka Gakkai is not mere cult.
Soka Gakkai is a terrorist group that does the assassination act like seem being natural, trespasses, and mixes the medicine with the commodity that the civilian says.