I am a crime victim of the above-mentioned organization, and the damage record


What is the reason cult's being attached importance? Compared with the blood relation.

A true elder brother has the worst condition in this damage of me.

It is judged that a man (I have not already thought the elder brother) who was this elder brother had cooperated in the cult of Soka Gakkai ten-odd years ago.
Our mother rose in the blood pressure by the electromagnetic radiation irradiation of cult Soka Gakkai, and he cooperated also even at the time that fell because of the heart load.
Our mother could not help giving up the work of her in the best condition till
then for these reasons.

This man keeps working comfortably voluntarily as a local government employee.
It is a favor of help of our mother. Having kept working to him as a civil servant also.
This man is in the Kawashima high school in Tokushima as a clerk now.

The elder brother helps these cult every day.
He occupies the second floor of parents' houses though he is already the situation
that can correspond enough socially under.
Moreover, he doesn't pay to parents from the salary at all. Electricity bill, gas bill, and necessary utility bill.
He occupies the second floor and 3 rooms of my home, and is setting up the maser that generates the electromagnetic radiation that afflicts parents and me that Soka Gakkai prepared there.
And, this man is having the target standard matched from the outside Soka Gakkai believers (terrorist in Chinese Communist Party and North Korea) who aim.
The purpose is to irradiate the electromagnetic radiation to us who lives in the first floor.

I escaped from the attack from the outside, and had slept quietly one year ago.
The bed was moved from the position in which I was always sleeping.
This man came to peep at the arrangement of my indoor furniture on the day.
He went outside soon when he confirmed the position with the bed of me indoor. Terrorists who were shooting the electromagnetic radiation into a wrong direction suddenly understood my bed position till then after a few minutes, and it began to shoot a strong electromagnetic radiation.
It will be able to be understood that a man who was this elder brother is the one that my information was passed to an outside terrorist as anyone can see.

This man passed family information to cult Soka Gakkai terrorist's hand. And, this man is a cold-blooded villain. Thing that family encounters dangerous eyes by his betrayal cool, worst man.

Above all, there is evidence called this man companions of terrorists of Soka Gakkai.
I am measuring the irradiation reaction turned to me from this current several-time men's rooms.

I fell into the crisis of the life by three degrees.
By this man's act of betrayal last year.
A man who was the elder brother before treats parents like the slave, cooperates in the terrorist of Soka Gakkai with me who is the younger sister, and traps always at risk.

This is true of cult Soka Gakkai.
It joins the persecution though even the brother german was changed to a mere
terrorist, and made an antagonist.
You may think that this danger always approaches if there is a Soka Gakkai
believer around you.