I am a crime victim of the above-mentioned organization, and the damage record


Event that former executive of Soka Gakkai whistleblowed.

Finally, former chairman Yano of Komeito that was a regular political organization
of Soka Gakkai had a press conference the other day.
People except eight executive Soka Gakkai were brought and the lawsuit other
party was brought.
He made remarks that he had encountered the gangstalking by the Soka Gakkai

The cause from which he is aimed is said that the contents of a letter one place of the article
that he wrote ten years or more in the past ago bought the anger of the Ikeda Daisaku.
As for the content, I and the family encountered the gangstalking by the Soka Gakkai believer.

The phenomenon to feel the danger of the life in that occurred, too.
His and his family's mental damage is included, and the compensation money of 55 million yen is requested.
It is the above-mentioned content.

He is making remarks so at this press conference.
When this gangstalking is done to the believer who tried to secede from Soka Gakkai by other believers.
A former executive of Soka Gakkai admitted that Soka Gakkai did the gangstalking.
He has not clarified it yet.
It is not only a believer that Soka Gakkai aims by the gangstalking who tries to secede.

It is a terrorism group like seeming nature like me that acts (gangstalking and electromagnetic radiation crime) against man only of refusing the solicitation of irrelevant man and Soka Gakkai to Soka Gakkai and all civilians.

This technique mimics all the techniques of CIA and the military in Europe and America and is done.
You have the aimed danger.
It only lives near the Soka Gakkai believer of you.
Danger that all families are damaged exists from the Soka Gakkai believer depending on the same technique as the method being used for the enemy by CIA and the military.

And, Chinese Communist Party and North Korea exist in the background of Soka Gakkai.
Soka Gakkai is acting in the world to make it to the possession in Chinese Communist Party and North Korea.

Finally, the link to the video that takes a picture of the appearance of the press conference of former chairman Yano is pasted though it is telecast only of Japanese.

I describe the reason for Soka Gakkai to take proceedings.
I think that Soka Gakkai should repent it.